Convert EPUB to MOBI

What is EPUB (Electronic Publication/ .epub) EPUB (or ePub) is a file format used for storing eBooks and other types of content. The term is short for “electronic publication”. From September 2007 EPUB is the official standard of the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF). The EPUB format is an archive file consisting of HTML files and can store content such as text, images, fonts, metadata, and other supporting files. EPUB is a widely used e-book format. It can be displayed on screens as small as 3.5″. Most of the hardware eReaders support this format, except for Kindle. You can open an EPUB file even on your desktop using one of the many free programs. What is MOBI (Mobipocket / .mobi) The Mobipocket file format - MOBI is a binary format for ebooks. It was originally created for Mobipocket Reader but has been adopted by several different readers. The MOBI format is based on the Open eBook standard using XHTML. It can store JavaScript, frames, bookmarks, notes, corrections, etc. Amazon purchased Mobipocket in 2005 and files with the .mobi extension appear to have been the primary means of uploading ebooks for publication through Amazon until 2017, even though Amazon discontinued the MOBI format in 2011. The current Kindle formats are based on the MOBI format. There may be times where you need to convert an existing EPUB document into the MOBI format or convert a MOBI document into an EPUB file format. Here you can find a very good solution.

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